Differential Factors that make our new platform Dielmo maps unique


At DIELMO 3D, we have been working for over 15 years in developing technologies for the publication of geospatial data through the internet. For example, in 2010, we already had our technology for publishing LiDAR data through a profile and 3D tool in a browser, which was groundbreaking at the time and still very powerful today.

Over the years, we have rewritten our web geoportals tool several times, obtaining a more modern and intuitive appearance. However, we faced two major challenges in commercializing it – the time required to register a new client solution, and the complexity of publishing new data by our users within geoportals.

These were two of the challenges that we aimed to address at the start of our latest R&D project (2021/C005/00146211): “Solution for real-time cloud massive processing of high-resolution georeferenced images” funded by the European Union and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Spain through Red.es. Our goal has been to address complex challenges in society by developing experimental solutions supported by various digital technologies, such as cloud computing, massive data processing, and AI.

Differential and disruptive factors of the Dielmo maps patform

Thanks to our previous experience and research, we have launched the new SaaS platform Dielmo maps with these unique differential factors that make it unrivaled in the world:

• A cloud-based SaaS platform where a user can register and start publishing geospatial data and creating web geoportals to share them publicly or privately immediately.

Massive cloud processing of data in real-time. The user just has to drag and drop geospatial data like high-resolution georeferenced images, 360-degree georeferenced photos, vector layers, and orthophotos, and these data will be processed automatically within seconds and be available on the geoportal.

Run AI models while processing the data in the cloud. This will allow, for example, automatic anonymization of images that contain faces and license plates, as well as automatic detections of different elements. We can also train custom AI models for each client.

• A powerful visual inspection tool that allows the customization of creating reports, defining custom fields with selectable lists for each project and exporting reports in CSV and PDF formats with images.

• The cloud platform is inexpensive, with a forever free plan, a 3-month trial period that does not require payment information, and paid plans starting at €30/month. It also allows customers to store data in their cloud to gain extra data security and reduce storage costs.

• It is possible to combine the visual inspection tool with any kind of geospatial layer, including vectors, orthophotos, LiDAR data, and connecting to external map servers through WMS/WFS.

We are committed to continuing to improve the platform. In June 2024, we release the first version of Dielmo maps to the public, but we are already working on new functionalities like visual inspection tools with georeferenced videos, modeling electric power lines to various environmental conditions (temperature and wind), automatic classification of point clouds by AI, and customized distance reports with LiDAR data, among others.

Stay tuned!